Video & Transcript - Durhon Oldham

My name is Durhon Oldham.  I’m the State General Agent for the Oldham-Bianchi Agency in upstate New York.


I was married very young in Louisville, Kentucky, and didn’t have an opportunity to go to college.  I went directly from high school to the Armed Forces, where I was a survival instructor in the Air Force.  When I got out of the Air Force, there wasn’t a big demand for survival instructors in the civilian world. Fortunately, I stumbled into National Income Life 15 years ago.


I tell new people in my Agency that if the opportunity that comes to them is one-tenth as great as the one that came to me and my family, this is going to be the most rewarding decision they’ve ever made in their lives. The opportunity is better now than it’s ever been.  There is ethnic diversity.  There are new management opportunities, new bonus structures, and the Company is showing unbelievable growth.  It’s an amazing opportunity for a career that is unlike anything I’ve ever received any place else in America.



Durhon Oldham, State General Agent in New York, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, in a single parent home. He married at 16 and barely finished high school. He joined the U.S. Air Force, spent 10 years as a security specialist and the last six years as a Survival Instructor. “I have no college education and had virtually no sales experience prior to starting with National Income Life in 1996. I have had a very successful career and have amassed millions of dollars in future renewals. I mention this because I believe that if I can make it to the top with this Company, literally anyone can. Becoming a part of National Income Life, and now National Income Life, has changed and enhanced my life and that of my family in more ways than I could ever begin to adequately describe.”
Leads, bonuses, and renewals attracted him to AIL, and he soon realized he had made the right choice joining National Income Life. “I had a young mother call me whom I had visited with a few months before. She was crying and told me her husband had been killed the night before in a terrible traffic accident, and she thanked God that I had come out and helped them purchase one of our plans. Had that not happened, she honestly didn’t know what she would do to provide for herself and her two young twin daughters. At that point, I realized that this is where I would spend the rest of my working life.”


Durhon was the first recipient of the State General Agent of the Year Award for National Income Life Insurance Company. He promoted 10 State General Agents from his Agency in 10 years.


AIL is the right choice for Durhon and he believes it can be for others too. “If you are a self-starter, motivated, and have a vision that is greater than what your current circumstances afford you, AIL may be a great fit. Look closely at everything a career with AIL/NILICO offers, and, if you decide to join the family, go at it with everything you have. This profession, more than any other I can think of, will pay you exactly what you are worth.”


According to Durhon the most rewarding thing about joining AIL is “helping people and seeing the impact this Company has made on the lifestyles and standard of living for people I contracted and trained, and seeing the help the products provide to the families who purchase them.”


Durhon is a man of varied interests. “I have an extensive sports memorabilia collection, and I am a history buff. I read everything I can get my hands on. I also have four children, two of whom are still in grade school.” Durhon’s generosity extends well beyond his immediate family, as he contributes to Morningstar Development, an organization that provides relief to injured and underprivileged people in Afghanistan. He also contributes to the Rochester Christian School, Pacific Whale Foundation, and WISH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the world a better place.